About Me

My name is AJ. I am a coach, trainer and podcaster.

I am going to be real with you for a minute.

I’ve always had big dreams, wanted to live with passion, be successful, and I’ve always wanted to help others do the same.

However, as a kid I struggled. I was a very slow learner early in school. I never liked reading out loud because I struggled with reading, it didn’t help that I was shy. I think it was mostly insecurity because at home things weren’t secure.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up. I was embarrassed that I didn’t have the cool “things” or the “best” clothes. My mom always made sure we had what we needed though.

My parents got divorced when I was 5, I dropped out of college at age 20 and I’ve had 2 failed businesses.

It was hard leaving college after 5 semesters. I knew deep down inside it was the right choice but I still felt like a failure in a sense.

I got my own apartment far away from where I grew up so I could focus on myself. I was running a business and waiting tables and still had my internet and cable shut off.

When we go through lows times in life, those lonely times our minds can deceive us. We can lose who we are. Since I didn’t have cable or internet I spent more time working on me. I read countless hours and listened to countless more. It was all good business, marketing and personal development books and podcasts.

Up to this point I had put all my energy and myself worth into my social life. I wanted people to like me and I wanted to have fun! Dropping out of college doesn’t help your social life.

I was broke and broken. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to have that breakthrough to the next level. My passion for learning about business, marketing, wealth, personal development and to begin serving, coaching and training others had begun.

It’s been an amazing journey since then! I was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for Young Entrepreneurs Across America. I built a $1,000,000 company before the age of 25. Within 2 years of getting into real estate I profited over $125,000 and just 2 years after that went on to build my business to profit multiple six figures while working 30-40 hours a week.

I believe that living with joy, a positive mindset, serving others and
enjoying the journey is far more valuable than the income you earn and the things you buy.

With the success I’ve had at such a young age, I’ve learned that with
persistence and the will to keep going even when its seems impossible, the impossible becomes possible and it’s all worth it.

To just work, work, work because the goal is more…More homes sold, more gross commission, more money….just isn’t worth it.

Living my ideal lifestyle is more important to me then working, just so I can make money and then die.

Looking back it’s hard to imagine I could go from being broke with no real estate experience, to profiting over $200,000 within a few years.

I am now committed to impacting the lives of 100,000 real estate agents. I teach agents to first find their dream for their life and then to pursue
it. Your dream is made possible through selling real estate

I do this through my podcast, videos, online courses, mastermind, coaching and one-on-one interactions.


I’m so grateful where God has brought me. It’s with his grace I am where I am today. I’m grateful for the life I’ve chosen and have worked so hard for. I believe in God and I also believe it’s up to us to go out there and make our dreams come true. I am so thankful for the adversity I’ve overcome in my life. It makes me appreciate the highs, because I know the lows. I can see in others their greatness when they may not feel so great because I was there. I was counted out and now I’m counted on.

I’m often asked to coach and mentor others. I do this through my podcast and youtube channel. If you’re looking for a bit more you can check out my courses here.

I’d love for you to hang out with me on Instagram or Facebook. Please reach out to me I’d love to hear your feedback on the podcast and youtube channel. Your questions and feedback help me get better at serving you.

Remember you have what it takes! It doesn’t matter where you are now, where you are from or how far success seems away. You must be willing to do the work each day; no one is going to do it for you. You must work harder on yourself then you do on your business and everything will change. You must make the choice today…to change, to be better…. If you have a burning desire to get to a new level. It’s up to you and you can do it.

I know you’ve had challenges and I know there will be more challenges in front of you. You may feel like you’re at a dead-end and there’s no turning around. I am the proof you can break through. If a college dropout, who to most was seen as a failure can do it….well then so can you!

You owe it to yourself…you owe it to your family. You only have this life to live…so live the life you desire. You are more than capable at achieving all you want, but remember you must learn the wisdom and the skills. You will never out earn your own personal development. You must invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset.

You can do it and trust me it will be worth it!

Get in the game and stay in the game.

AJ Mida