Learn Strategies on How to Increase Your Average Commission

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Tatum has been in the Real Estate business for 12 years! He follows a proven system backed by market research to sell homes for up to 18% more money than traditional real estate agents. Tatum is also an Entrepreneur, Aviator, Husband and Proud Father of three.  


  1. Tatum’s efficient ideal day and learning how he built his business both on the buying and selling side
  2. Learning how Tatum and his team offers great value to their clients giving he and his team the ability to charge more commission  
  3. Learning more about outbound prospecting, utilizing Facebook Ads and effectively marketing yourself


  1. Business book favorite: Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall
  2. Favorite Tool: Mojo Sells


  1. Phone: (972).876.8205
  2. Email: tatum@tatumhood.com
  3. Website: soldbytatum.com or tatumhood.com


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